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It’s Turkey Time!

turkeysmIt’s Fall, and it’s time to start thinking about that Thanksgiving feast you’re preparing this year. What better way to amaze your friends and family than with a fresh Grade A, local, hormone and antibiotic free, grain fed, free range turkey!

Cordino’s only offers the best quality birds and they are 100% guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations and satisfaction. From farm to fork you know that Cordino’s is a name you can trust, and that’s why we put our name on it!

All of our Holiday Turkeys are grown for us and selected for us based on the size of the bird. All turkeys are ordered in increments of 2kg. The sizes available are 3-5kg, 5-7kg, 7-9kg, 9-11kg, and then 11kg+. Quantities are limited as we forecast our projected quantities 2 months in advance.

With a limited supply of these premium turkeys it is imperative that you pre-order, and sooner rather than later is always recommended. Call the shop today and book yours, no deposit required as we trust you as much as you can trust the Cordino’s name!

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