Butchery Classes

Cordino’s now offers Butcher Classes! Come out and learn some skills of the trade that you can use at home. From making your own sausages, to learning how to cook the perfect steak. Sign up for one of our classes today, either by calling or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Our classes are held Sundays from 1pm – 3pm. All classes are $65 per person per class. Our Butcher Classes make an excellent gift as well! Look for class schedules into the new year.



In this session you will be exposed to all things pork!! From snout to hoof this class will take you on the journey of the other white meat! Learn every cut of pork there is to know, acceptable cooking applications, and proper butchering techniques! This class will teach you all the inside tricks and skills of getting the cuts you want at home, and substantially reducing the cost of purchasing!



This class will guide you through the techniques and knowledge of all things Roasts! We will begin with a demo on how to break down a hip of beef down into the various sub-primal cuts and what roasts are derived from them. We will then move on to the king of roasts Prime Rib! Then switching over to pork we will prepare a crown roast, a very festive cut! And then individually prepare a Porchetta roast to take home!



This class will take you through lamb and veal butchery! Using a whole animal you will learn the different wholesale and retail applications of these two magnificent proteins! This is a great class as the knowledge attained can be applied to all cuts of meat including pork and beef. This is a demo only class as the animal is too large and the butchery applications are too vast for a hands on class but the theory obtained in priceless!



This class is all about learning to do new and exciting things with the everyday chicken! From deboning a whole bird, to breaking one down to all the various fabricated cuts with some nifty tricks along the way! After this class is done you get to keep both birds you worked on in class!!



The King of the grill! This class will take you on an in-depth journey to learning all there is to know about Steaks! From T-Bones, Porterhouse, Striploin, Top Sirloin, Tri-Tip, Tenderloin, Hanger, Skirt, and more! We will talk Cuts, Grades, Cooking Applications, Seasoning, Searing, Degree of Doneness, where they all come from and so much more! Finally after all that you take home one of our finest Prime Grade T-Bones!



This class is all about Sausage preparation! We will go through the various techniques of sausage preparation; meats used, fat lean ratio, types of casings, fresh vs cured, Smoking, flavour profiles, and so much more! Then we break into groups and make a wack of sausage for everyone to take home!


THE HUNTERS ONLY CLASS! – By Appointment Only (min group of 6)

Learn how to break down the animal you take down! This class is designed for hunters to learn how to butcher an animal with minimal equipment means. Learn how to properly butcher, safely handle, and package your latest trophy! We will use a whole lamb to demonstrate the various techniques needed to butcher a whole venison, caribou, elk, or even moose!