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Butcher Meats

Local, Fresh, Premium Meats!

If you’re looking for fresh, never frozen, local, antibiotic and hormone free meats to serve your family, you will find them in our butcher counter.

We stock our counter with Premium local AAA Dry-Aged Beef, Fresh Ontario Pork, Veal, Lamb and Free Range Grain Fed Chicken.

We would be happy to custom cut any of our meats for you. Please note, not all cuts are in stock at all times due to changes in planned inventory, changes in season or when items sell out. If you are looking for a specific cut, please call ahead so we can ensure we have what you are looking for, or we will be happy to special order the item for you which usually takes 1-2 days.


Ready to Grill

Making your life a little easier!

In addition to the fresh meats we offer, we also have a variety of ready to cook options. Try our stuffed chicken breasts, marinated grilling steaks, porchetta roasts, homemade chicken pot pies, pork chop explosions and much, much more!

Come in and check out what’s new in our 24′ butcher counter this week.


Product List

Ontario Dry Aged Beef AAA and UP

Ground Chuck 6.99lb
Stewing Beef 8.99lb
Short Ribs 9.99lb
Shoulder Clod 5.99lb
Blade Roast 6.99lb
Bone in Prime Rib 15.99lb
Boneless Rib Roast 19.99lb
Rib Eye Steaks 19.99lb
Porterhouse 18.99lb
T-Bone 17.99lb
Striploin 19.99lb
Top Sirloin Steaks 12.99lb
Top Sirloin Roast 12.99lb
Filet Mignon 22.99lb
Tournedos 22.99lb
Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon 22.99lb
Tenderloin Roast 22.99lb
Beef Tri-Tip Bottom Sirloin 12.99lb
Inside Top Round 9.99lb
Outside Flat Bottom Round 9.99lb
Eye of Round 9.99lb
Sirloin Tip 10.99lb
Brisket 8.99lb
Skirt Steak 13.99lb
Beef Shank 8.99lb

Beef Ribs $6.99


Fresh Ontario Air Chilled Chicken

Whole Chicken 5.99lb
Boneless Skinless 8.99lb
Bone In Skin On Breast 7.99lb
Legs 3.99lb
Thighs 5.99lb
Drumticks 3.99lb


Fresh Ontario Porkchicken

Butt Chops 4.99lb
Butt Roast 5.99lb
Picnic Roast 5.99lb
Boneless Loin Chop 7.99lb
Boneless Loin Roast 7.99lb
Sirloin Roast 7.99lb
Bone in Chops 5.99lb
Crown Roast 7.99lb
Baby Back Ribs 6.99lb
Tenderloin 10.99lb
Side Ribs 5.99lb
Double Smoked Applewood Bacon 8.99lb
Pork Belly 5.99lb
Ham 5.49lb
Ham Steaks 5.99lb
Fresh Leg 3.99lb
Pork Hocks 5.49lb


Fresh Ontario Veal

Scallopini 13.99lbpork
Veal Parmagianna 13.99lb
Frenched Chops 14.99lb
Ground Veal 8.99lb
Stewing Veal 8.99lb
Osso Bucco 8.99lb


Ontario Lamb

Shanks 10.99lb
Rack 21.99lb
Chops 12.99lb
Stewing 11.99lb
Boneless Leg 13.99lb
Bone in Leg 11.99lb
Shoulder 11.99lb
Ground Lamb 6.99lb
Lamb Spaducci 11.99lb
Lamb Spedinni 11.99lb